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Rest Acres Road

Rest Acres Road

Sierra Infrastructure was a finalist for The Municipal Paving Project of the Year Award for our work on Rest Acres Road!

Check out pages 12-15 of the Summer 2022 edition of ASPHALTopics Magazine to learn more!

Location: County of Brant
Value: $16.5 Million

Widening and Urbanization of Rest Acres Road, King Edward Street and Powerline Road and Construction of Arlington Parkway, including construction of three new multi-lane modern roundabouts and related grading, drainage and paving work. Also included in this project was multi-use trail construction, roadside and roundabout landscaping, new storm water management facility, and modifications to water distribution infrastructure, new storm drainage system, new watermain, new forcemain, miscellaneous utility structure adjustments, retaining walls, street lighting, traffic signals, AODA enhancements and associated restorations.

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