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The International Standards Organization

Sierra Construction Group of Companies is deeply committed to the quality of our finished product and the protection of our environment. We continue to seek ways to demonstrate our resolve and we believe by doing so we set a positive example for the industry. Sierra is an ISO 9001 Managed and  ISO 14001 Certified by the International Standards Organization.


We are ISO 9001 managed to ensure quality management throughout all our projects. Sierra Construction Group adopted the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems in 2001 and continues to adhere to its principles every day, on every job site. ISO 9001 ensures that every aspect of your project will be tracked and makes communication part of the entire process. Great communication can eliminate confusion and redundancies, reduce project timelines and costs, and increase quality and satisfaction.


In 2009, we adopted the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems. Working together to identify potential environmental issues before work begins reduces delays and keeps our team, our clients, and our community healthy. Sierra Construction Group is committed to doing what’s right to protect the environment.

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