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Sierra-0723 team at work


Construction Jobs: Construction Site Supervisor

Reports To: Project Manager & General Manager 

Coordinated by on Projects: Project Manager

Basic Function: 

  1. Responsible for the supervision and direction of all construction activities that take place on the work site, ensuring high standards of safety, workmanship and efficiency 

  2. Planning and scheduling of work, maintain records of all materials used and the progress made on a job 

  3. Work with Project Manager on scheduling, coordinating scopes of work and interpreting drawings. 

  4. Ensure client satisfaction and maximize profitability in all activities. 

Job Duties: 

  • Responsible for Safety of the site 

  •  Ensure compliance with the Sierra General Contracting Inc. health and safety training and reporting requirements. 

  •  Assisting the Project Manager with the initial mobilization and set up of the construction site. 

  •  Works Closely with Project Manager to review scope of work and detailed drawings for each successful trade/supplier to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts 

  •  Coordinate with Project Manager to provide a well thought through construction schedule that is a balance between clients’ needs and reality. 

  •  Ensure high standards of workmanship and efficiency. 

  •  Ensure the efficient use of labor, machines and materials used. 

  •  Take an active role in the selection, training, assignment and supervision of project staff, including monitoring performance, providing feedback and taking corrective action. 

  •  Coordinate the daily activities of project staff, construction trades and subcontractors, and use corrective actions to keep the project on time and on budget. 

  •  Complete Daily Work Force Sheets/Daily Logs recording activity, manpower, visitors, safety and special events on the site. 

  •  Coordinate and attend inspections with consultants, inspectors, clients and municipal inspectors. 

  •  Document and record site progress using Fieldwire. 

  •  Hold trade progress and coordination meetings in cooperation with Project Manager. 

  •  Record all extra work over and above original project scope and forward all additional costs to the Project Manager in a timely manner. 

  •  Communicate effectively with clients, consultants, sub trades, suppliers and company resources to ensure project proceeds properly and inflammatory conflict is minimized. 

  •  Assist in the resolution of design issues, change requests, material defects and equipment problems. 

  •  Monitor job progress and costs, and provide regular progress reporting to management. 

  •  Manage all project administration activities including; timekeeping, labor coding, equipment coding, purchase order coding and safety reporting. 

  •  Establish effective onsite communications and progress reporting with sub-trades and clients. 

  •  Execute and complete punch lists, deficiency lists and warranty items. 

  • Maintain effective labor relations through compliance with company policies, labor agreements, and resolution of employee grievances and fair treatment of employees. 

  •  Provide coaching and training to Project Junior/Assistant Site Supervisors. 

Work Conditions:

  • 24/7 availability may be required 

  • Physical ability to lift up to 50lb 

  • Travel to the site, and off-site locations will be required 

  • Safety equipment will be required, e.g. steel-toed safety boots, safety glasses/goggles, etc. 

  • Overtime as required 

  • Hazards associated with the trade 

  • Work both indoors and outdoors 

  • Will be exposed to construction sites 

To apply for this position, email us at

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