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Construction Worker


Construction Jobs: Pre-Construction Project Manager

Reports To: General Manager & Estimating Manager 

Coordinates on Projects: Designers and Consultants 

Basic Function: 

  • Effectively develop projects from point of sale to start of construction. 

  • Work to support the estimating department and project manager to move projects forward through pre-construction. 

  • Ensure client satisfaction and maximize profitability in all activities. 

Skill Requirements: 

  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel 

  • Computer competency and ability to learn new programs 

  • Continue Viewpoint Construction Software training and experience 

  • Strong organizational and time management skills 

Pre-Construction Project Management Duties:  

  • Attention to detail and accuracy, planning and organization, strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

  • Work to maximize profitability in projects through course of sale and design. 

  • Provide feedback during sales/contractual process to regarding planning, scheduling, and profitability. 

  • Closes the sale by utilizing proper proposals and contracts that will be used when it is turned into a project. 

  • Introduce lead clients through invoicing and contract procedures specific to project 

  • Take the lead on hiring consultants and coordinate meetings. 

  • Consult with General Manager for manpower and resources to properly staff the project. 

  • Complete project start-up check list in project turnover meeting for handover to Project Manager. 

  • For design/build and construction management projects (on a project specific basis), co-ordinate all effective and practical design /details are incorporated into drawings and specifications. 

  • Coordinate preconstruction process for each project including city planning, zooning, Site Plan Approvals, ESAs, RSC, and permits. 

  • Liaise with Sierra’ Planner as required. 

  • Apply understanding of Construction means and methods to each project through the design phases and provide direction to the client as applicable. 

  • Work with Estimating Manager to prepare the final version for the contract documents, and assist with planning and preparation for client design/start-up meetings. 

  • Responsible for the client coordination. 

  • Work closely with Project Manager during construction to support when trade or client issues arise. 

  • Assist clients with ground breaking ceremonies or press releases as required. 

  • Provide information to the team members who are responsible for Facebook & Twitter to facilitate announcements and update on projects. 

  • Participate in project post mortem to review project success and failures and learn/adjust for future based on it. 

  • Work closely with and assist the Estimating Department to develop accurate and timely budget estimates. 

  • Assist with design-build, construction management and stipulated sum bid proposals, including any prequalification aspects that are required. 

  • Develop project concepts and bring forward innovative, cost-effective solutions and alternatives. 

  • Develop preliminary construction and labour schedules. 

  • Build and maintain relationships with local subtrade market. 

  • Continues to stay in touch with a client after construction has begun on site. 

  • Prepare prequalification documents for review by Estimating Manager and submittal. 

  • Learns safety program well so it can be introduced to clients at an early stage so projects can be well planned for safety. 

  • Professionally and efficiently handle and administer multiple tasks on concurrently running projects with excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. 

  • Identify growth and training opportunities for themselves and team members to management for overall growth and development of construction operations group. 

  • Work closely in teams with other members from branch, other PM’s in branch or other PM’s or superintendents within the Company. 

  • Continually evaluate and communicate process and procedure innovations to streamline company operations and maximize profitability. 

  • Assist with the team building throughout the organization to make for an overall better team. 

To apply for this position, email us at

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